10-member Nigerian gang held for duping people

Hyderabad: Rachakonda Police on Monday arrested a 10-member Nigerian gang that has been cheating people after making friends with them on FB. The gang was nabbed after a Nurse lodged complaint that she was cheated to the tune of Rs.9.37 lakh by the gang.

Rachakonda Police Commissoner Mahesh Bhagawat told journalists that one of the gang members Williams befriended the nurse claiming that he was a Pastor working in London. He promised to send her $ 50,000 as gift.

He then extracted Rs. 9.37 lakh from the nurse in the name of taxes and service charges. Blindly believing him, she transferrd money to the given bank account numbers in four or five instalments. After realising that she was cheated, she lodged a police complaint.

Police have recovered 8 lap tops, 26 mobile phones, 10 internet data cards, 35 SIM cards and an I-Pad from the gang. 

Bhagawat said special teams have been looking for some more Nigerians and other Africans who have been illegally staying in Hyderabad  and cheating people through FB and offering them gifts and cash.