Actor Manchu Vishnu injured in shooting in Malaysia

Hyderabad: Actor Manchu Vishnu was injured when he was shooting for bike race scenes in Malaysia on Sunday. He is presently recovering in a hospital, according to a report published in Telangana Today website.  The shooting was part of his latest movie Achari America Yatra. 

Vishnu was immediately taken to Putrajaya Hospital where he was treated. Doctors declared him out of danger. The report said quoting sources that the shooting of the movie will depend on the full recovery of the actor from the injuries.

Vishnu received injuries to arm, knee, neck and shoulder, according to another media report. He was later shifted to another hospital for better treatment.

The movie completed two schedules in Hyderabad. For the last fifteen days, shooting has been going on in Malaysia. The schedule included bike racing scenes. The movie is being directed by Nageswara Reddy and produced by Keerti Chowdary and Kittu

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