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Teenage lovers end lives in suicide pact

On Ganesh festival day, lovers leave two families in despair at Rajam and Ponduru in Srikakulam district  Ponduru (Srikakulam district : Two teenage lovers committed suicide by jumping before a running train in Srikakulam district on Ganesh Festival day after their love was rejected by their family elders.  Their extreme step has brought despair to …Read more »

Civil services third ranker ends 25-year boycott of family

Civil services third ranker reaches tiny village to emotional welcome by villagers Parasamba (Srikakukam district) AP: For 25 years, his family was unceremoniously boycotted by the villagers of Parasamba village just because his father attended marriage in a Dalit family and ate sitting with Dailts in the marriage feast. But the silent suffering and strong determination of his …Read more »