Chandini murder : Lover Sai Kiran arrested

Updated at 02.16 PM on Thursday, Sept 14, 2017

Hyderabad : Hyderabad Police have arrested one Sai Kiran in the case relating to the murder of Intermediate girl Chandini Jain, 17.

Chandini Jain, daughter of a wholesale cloth merchant, went missing first and was then found dead in the hillocks of Ameenpur on the outskirts of the city  on Tuesday.

Police said that Sai Kiran, lover of Chandini Jain, killed her as she was moving close to two other students in recent times. He hatched a plan to eliminate her. He took her to the Ameenpur hillocks and brutally killed her by strangulating (her throat).  The killer and the victim were both minors, said police.

Chandini and Sai Kiran were friends for the last many years. After continuing their studies till 10th class together, they joined different institutions for Intermediate course but both continued their friendship.  Initially, he told police that she was running after him and pressurizing him to marry her. “She was running after me for the last few days and asking me to marry her. I just wanted to eliminate her. So did I kill her,” he disclosed to the police first.

However, later he spilled the beans that she was moving closer to two other class mates and he was unable to bear it. Recently, both of them attended a party at Central Court in Lakdi-ka-pul and she was found moving close to two other guys. This he was unable to digest. That was the main reason for killing her, he later revealed.

He threw away her phone in the nearby lake after committing the crime. Police recovered blood stained clothes from his residence. The clothes were sent for forensic tests. “It is a planned murder, ” said the police. A few days back, he visited the hillocks at Ameenpur and zeroed in on a spot to carry out his plan.

Sai Kiran was picked up from his apartment in Madinaguda. During investigation , police got CCTV evidence to prove that Chandini Jain went along with him in an auto. 

Chandini, daughter of Kirshore Jain, a resident Satyanarayaan Enclave at Madinaguda in Miyapur, went out in the evening  of Sept 9 saying that she was going for a party with friends.  After that, she never returned home. The same night parents lodged a complaint.

The police have concluded that she was not sexually assaulted before she was murdered by Saikiran. Sai Kiran would be questioned and produced before a court for judicial remand.