Defeat of Donald Trump is imminent

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Natal chart of Donald Trump

Natal Chart of Donald Trump: Source for birth details:,_Donald

Donald Trump’s Lagna lord Sun is sitting pretty in tenth house under Jupiter aspect with Yogakaraka (benefic planet par excellence) planet Mars fortifying the ascendant with its presence. Sun’s presence in 10th house makes the native very powerful as it gets directional strength.

Jupiter’s presence in second house as lord of fifth and eighth houses and Mercury’s presence in own sign in 11th house are the other major favourable factors for Trump. Mercury is a planet of value1 for this Lagna as lord of 2nd and 11th houses.

However, Rahu’s conjunction with Sun in the 10th house makes things difficult for him. Both Rahu and Sun are planets of separation. Sun becomes more a planet of separation as it is in conjunction with Rahu. Again, a debilitated Moon, lord of 12th house, is throwing its aspect on 10th house and also on Rahu and Sun. As lord of 12th house, Moon also attains nature of separation and its aspect on Sun and Rahu makes them more seperative in nature.

10th house represents highest honour for any native in his / her life irrespective of the profession one undertakes. The presence of Rahu and Sun in the tenth house would therefore take away whatever honour one has, let alone provide the native with highest name and fame. This is because of their seperative nature. The aspect of 12th lord Moon on 10th house heightens the seperative influence on the 10th house further.

Presence of Venus in 12th house

Apart from the presence of Sun and Rahu in tenth house spoiling Trump’s chances of ascending the Presidential throne, lord of 10th house Venus is in 12th house, a house of loss and separation. This means the tenth house is again destroyed. Saturn, also a planet of separation, is associated with Venus and makes it more seperative.

It is now clear that the tenth house of Trump is stunningly destroyed lock, stock and barrel making him astrologically ineligible for the US Presidency on a permanent basis.

Jupiter’s role

Rahu throws its fifth aspect on Jupiter while Jupiter casts its ninth aspect on Rahu. Saturn, sitting in 12th house in the company of 10th house lord Venus, throws its aspect on Jupiter. This means his second house is under the influence of Saturn and Rahu, besides Jupiter.

There is an important point to be noted here. Trump completed Rahu period on March 20, 2016 and started experiencing Jupiter period. Long back, he had experienced Sun main period too. With Jupiter throwing its powerful aspect on these two planets, Trump flourished in building up his real estate business empire during these main periods.

He made big money during Moon main period also since its debilitation is cancelled resulting in Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga.  He continued with his fortunes in Mars main period too since Mars is Yoga Karaka planet. Continued…

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