Hillary bound to move into White House

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Hillary Clinton natal chart

Hillary Clinton natal chart : Source for birth details: http://www.astro.com/astro-databank/Clinton,_Hillary

In contrast, Hillary Clinton’s chart has some energy and edge over Trump’s chart.  Lagna proper and Surya Lagna are hosted by Libra. As lord of Lagna proper and Surya Lagna, Venus electrifies the first house with its presence.

There is an exchange of houses between lords of 5th house and 10th house. 10th house lord Moon is in 5th house and 5th house lord Saturn is in 10th house under Jupiter aspect. This is a powerful Mahabhagya Yoga (of Rasi Parivartana).

Moon in 5th house and Jupiter in 2nd house cause a powerful Gajakesari Yoga. It is powerful because Jupiter is placed in 10th house, the most powerful Kendra from Moon.

Blessed ascendant

Mercury, lord of 9th and 12th houses, is also present in Lagna. Mercury is lord of fifth house from Chandra Lagna. Lord of fifth house from Lagna proper and Surya Lagna is Yogakaraka planet Saturn. Saturn is in tenth house from Lagna.  With Mercury and Venus in Lagna squaring with Saturn in 10th house, Saturn has established a relation with Lagna, Lagna lord Venus and Mercury too. This also means lords of 5th house from Lagna proper, from Surya Lagna and from Chandra Lagna are intimately connected with Lagna and its lord Venus. These rare planetary placements are bound to catapult the native to the highest political office.

Wait! It has another powerful ramification. Mercury is lord of 9th house from Lagna and Surya Lagna. Venus is lord of 9th house from Chandra Lagna. Presence of the lords of 9th house from all three Lagnas would fortify the Lagna further and boost up her chances to reach the top post.

Rahu in 8th house

Rahu in 8th house is generally bad if it has no beneficial aspect. Here, Rahu is in exaltation sign under the aspect of benefic Jupiter. Besides, Rahu also gives the results of Venus, lord of the sign in which it is placed.  Rahu is therefore immensely beneficial for Hillary Clinton.

Sun, Mars in debilitation

The chart has two important planets Sun and Mars in debilitation. But, fortunately for Hillary, their debilitation is cancelled in an unbelievably most powerful way.

What is impressive is that the cancellation takes its effect in four ways in case of Sun and three ways in case of Mars.  This means things will immensely favour Hillary at the time of election in an unexpected manner.

Debilitation of Sun:

  1. Mars as lord of Sun’s exaltation sign is squaring Lagna cancelling the debilitation of Sun.
  2. Mars as lord of Sun’s exaltation sign and Venus as lord of the house where Sun is debilitated are placed in mutual Kendras from each other resulting in the cancellation of debilitation.
  3. Mars as lord of Sun’s exaltation sign throws its fourth aspect on debilitated Sun. It cancels the debilitation of Sun.
  4. Saturn which gets exalted in Libra where Sun is in debilitation is in Kendra from Lagna.

Debilitation of Mars:

  1. Debilitated Mars is in Kendra from Lagna.
  2. Saturn as lord of Mars’ exaltation sign is in conjunction with debilitated Mars in Cancer in 10th
  3. Jupiter which gets exalted in Cancer where Mars is in debilitation is in Kendra from Moon. This cancels debilitation of Mars.

Sun – Rahu-Venus period

Hillary Clinton will pass through Venus sub-sub period in the sub period of Rahu in the main period of Sun when she faces the Nov 8 election.

These three planets are immensely good for her. While Sun’s debilitation is cancelled four times leading to a powerful Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga, the sub-sub period is Venus which is also responsible for the cancellation of Sun’s debilitation. And Rahu is bound to give benefic results of Jupiter and Venus since the shadowy planet is in the sign of Venus aspected by Jupiter.

Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga benefits any native unexpectedly as the other person suffers due to his / her own follies and wrong doings. This only means that Donald Trump may continue to indulge in wrong-speaking till the final day of election that may all of a sudden turn the tide in Hillary Clinton’s favour. To cap it all, she is running through the Sun main period now.

Hillary Clinton has no doubt had a better natal chart than Trump but the powerful cancellation of debilitation of two planets in her chart will also add to her winning chances immensely.  This means the weaknesses of Donald Trump will strengthen Hillary Clinton’s winning chances.

Venus and Mercury in Vipareeta Raja Yoga

The presence of Venus and Mercury in Lagna is beneficial for Hillary Clinton in more ways than one. First of all, these two are natural benefic planets, besides Venus being the ascendant Lord.

With Venus being the lord of 8th house and Mercury being the lord of 12th house too, their conjunction results in a powerful Vipareeta Raja Yoga. This makes things clear that Venus is also bound to give sudden favourable results for the native, apart from Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Saturn which are involved in powerful Yogas.

Apart from Sun and Rahu, Venus will also dominate her period when she faces the election on Nov 8. It paves the way for her being catapulted to the top post.

Foot notes:

  1. Kalasarpa Yoga arises when all planets are found in Rahu shadow irrespective of Lagna. In Donald Trump chart, Moon is placed in Ketu shadow.
  2. Any planet that is lord 2nd and 5th houses or lord of 2nd and 11th houses becomes a planet of value and increases the value of the native during its main and sub periods.

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