IIMB’s QUEst announces online writing contest

For the writing competition, I Write For Diversity, QUEst joins hands with Penbound

Bangalore: QUEst, a diversity and inclusion interest group led by PGP students at IIMB, Abhishek Ghosh and Rohit John Philip, has announced an online writing contest and invites stories, poems and reflection on inclusion.

The writing competition, I Write For Diversity, is in collaboration with Interweave, an inclusion solutions consulting firm. The competition is hosted on a platform called Penbound, a socio-publishing, networking and learning platform for readers and writers. The event will be launched at Eximius 2017, on August 4.

Submit your writing before Aug 15 

Submit your entries on www.penbound.com before August 15, 2017. For details, log onto https://www.penbound.com/contest/001.html.

Having created an accessible campus for persons with disability and moving the needle on gender diversity, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) is encouraging conversations on all forms of diversity.

“We have received positive feedback from faculty, students, leading corporates and activists in the social space. We have a line-up of activities such as movie screenings, panel discussions and seminars to build the momentum,” said Ghosh.

“It is imperative for us to drive the change towards inclusive and pro-diversity workplaces and communities. QUEst is trying to create a vital forum where ideas can be exchanged to help build an inclusive mind-set,” said Rohit.

Professor Vasanthi Srinivasan,  faculty from the Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management area at IIM Bangalore, who is also the Chairperson, Ethics and Code of Conduct, IIMB, commented, “I am delighted to see the manner in which the student community is carrying forward the agenda on inclusion.” 

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