Jupiter period unfavourable for Trump

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Donal TrumpHowever, things are bound to reverse for him in his life during the Jupiter main period as Jupiter takes away what has been given by the Rahu period. Since he is now passing through Jupiter main period, he will experience the results of separation thanks to the aspects of Saturn and Rahu on it. This means he will be on the losing side and never become politically big during the Jupiter main period.

Abusing qualities

The influence of two malefic planets, Rahu and Saturn, on Jupiter and the second house made him an abuser of people. Because of these malefic aspects on the house representing speech, he has developed abusing nature.

While the 8th house owned by Jupiter is receiving the aspects of Ketu and Mars, Jupiter is also throwing its aspect on it. But these influences have nothing to do with his political stakes.

Trump has begun Jupiter main period on March 20, 2016.  He will face the Nov 8 election during his Jupiter-Jupiter-Mercury period.

Mercury crushed

As lord of 2nd and 11th houses, Mercury becomes planet of value for Trump. Its position in own sign in 11th house is also good. But he was born in Mercury main period and there is no chance of his gaining through Mercury main period again. Also, Mercury is crushed between two malefic planets situated on either side of it. So, its sub period also would not fetch him any political advantage.

On Nov 8, 2016, Trump will face the election during his Jupiter-Jupiter-Mercury period. Due to the reasons cited above, he is bound to lose the race to Hillary.

Saturn causes Vipareeta Raja Yoga

Saturn as lord of sixth house is present in 12th house causing a Vipareeta Raja Yoga. But unfortunately for Trump, the Saturn main period will begin for him in 2032. And on Nov 8, he will not pass through this Saturn period even at Sookshma Antar Dasa level.  This Vipareeta Raja Yoga is therefore of no use for him in his race for the top post.

Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga

Moon’s debilitation is cancelled with Moon being placed in Kendra from Lagna. This is a simple cancellation of debilitation and this Yoga is also not helpful politically for Trump as he had already passed through this period. Moon also will not involve in any way in his periods on Nov 8, 2016. Continued…

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