A la Vikram Goud, journo fakes murder attempt

Syam Kumar

Syam Kumar faked attempt on him to settle financial scores with  his co son-in-law

Vijayawada : It seems youth Congress leader Vikram Goud, son of former Minister Mukesh Goud, has become a role model for some in the society. A Vijayawada journalist, a la Vikram Goud, faked a murder attempt on him to settle financial scores with his co-son-in-law. He and his friends were arrested by the police for faking the murder attempt.

Journalist Syam Kumar, who has been running an evening daily at Sitarampuram, faked the murder attempt. He was attacked at his residence one week ago by two persons called Nagendra and Krishna Prasad.  The duo stabbed him with knives at his residence and injured him. He was then rushed to hospital. His wife lodged a police complaint on the murder attempt.

Police investigation revealed that Syam Kumar made an agreement with the duo for Rs. 2 lakh for stabbing him with out causing danger to his life.  He also told them where to stab him so that there would not be any danger to his life. It turned out that the two are friends of Syam Kumar. While Nagendra hails from Madhuranagar, Krishna Prasad hails from Bhavanipuram.

Why did he fake the murder attempt?

Police said that Syam Kumar gave Rs. 20 lakh to his co son-in-law Devasetti Subba Rao pledging  his house with a bank. Subba Rao failed to repay the loan but the bank served a notice on Syam Kumar asking him to repay the loan immediately failing which the pledged house would be put for auction.

While Subba Rao’s son is working in the USA, Syam Kumar has been running a printing press at Vidyadharapuram in partnership with Subba Rao. After receiving bank notices, Subba Rao agreed to pay Rs. 15 lakh to settle the issue. The settlement was arrived at after persons known to both of them took some initiative. 

However, Syam Kumar was not happy. He hatched the murder attempt on him aiming to collect more from Subba Rao after implicating him in the attempt. While blaming Subba Rao for the murder attempt on him, his family and friends started negotiating with Subba Rao’s son in US. They demanded Rs. 40 lakh from him. 

However, the police busted the fake murder attempt and arrested Syam Kumar. In his plan, he took Vikram Goud of Hyderabad as his model. Vikram Goud recently faked murder attempt on him to gain sympathy in his assembly constituency and get votes in the next assembly elections. But he was arrested and he has been cooling his heels in Chanchalguda jail.

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