Man pushes lover into Godavari River

They are in love for five years but he doesn’t want to marry her

Rajahmundry: Fishermen at Yanam saved the life of a 26-year old woman who was pushed into the Godavari River by her cunning lover. The woman,  Gandi Aliveni of Rajahmundry, is now recovering in  a hospital.

Aliveni was taken to Yanam by her lover Nasika Srinivas who was working in a cloth show room in the town. The two have been in love with each other for the last five years. Aliveni has been asking him to make arrangements for their marriage.

Srinivas, unable to bear her pestering for marriage, convinced her that they should talk over the issue. She readily accepted his request to go with him to Yanam for talks on Sunday. They spent lot of time on GMC Balayogi bridge that connects Yanam and Yedurlanka. Around 2.30 a.m, he had a fierce argument with her on her demand for marriage.

During the course of the argument, he pushed her into the Goutami Godavari after hitting her with an instrument on her head. He then ran away with her hand bag and mobile phone. 

Fishermen who found her in the waters rescued her and informed the police. She is recovering but Srinivas is on the run. Police have registered a case and are on the look for him.