Nelavemu can kill killer cancer !


Researchers have found that extracts of Indian plant Nelavemu can kill the killer disease Cancer

Andrographis Lineata used by tribal people for centuries

Nelavemu and its sister plants like Andrographis Lineata are the most talked about plants these days among doctors, scientists and medicine-related professionals across the globe. Nelavemu is known as Andrographis Paniculata in botanical terminology.

In fact, over the years in India, medicinal values of these plants are known to the medical fraternity extending traditional treatment to patients inflicted with different diseases and ailments.  Sometimes, Andrographis Lineata is used as substitute for Nelavemu in the traditional medicinal system, Ayurveda.

At a time when medical world’s attention is drawn towards using natural and plant based therapeutic systems to cure the dangerous cancer disease, Nelavemu and its sister plants have now gained prominence in the medical world as they have been found to have the potential of curing cancer and cancerous diseases.

Researchers take a cue from tribal people in using Nelavemu

Nelavemu and its sister plants like Andrographis Lineata are grown mostly in India and some other Asian countries.  In fact, these two plants look similar and tribal people have been using the extracts of Andrographis Lineata for centuries to cure snake bite, diabetes, skin allergies and ailments, bronchitis and viral fevers.

Tirupati based Sri Venkateswara University researchers have taken the lead in conducting some research in finding out the potential of Andrographis Lineata extracts in controlling cancerous cells.

Under the guidance of the Tirupati based researchers Dr.Arifullah Mohammed and Dr Kishore Chiruvella, deep research has been conducted by the Bangalore based Indian Institute of Science, Kelantan-based University of Malaysia and Taiwan-based University of Technology into the use of Andrographis Lineata in curing the cancerous cells. They have got excellent results.

Results of using Andrographis Lineata

The research found that the Andrographis Lineata contains cancer chemo therapeutic agents. Researchers prepared compounds from the tissues of Andrographis Lineata plant. They then administered these compounds on leukemia cells abstracted from T-cell leukemia patients. The results showed wonders.

It resulted in cytotoxicity and death of the cells after 72 hours indicating it has the potential of killing cancerous cells. Cytotoxicity is the technical word used for destruction of certain dangerous cells in the human body.