Proton Beam Therapy, new hope for cancer patients

Proton Beam TherapyApollo Hospitals to open India’s first Proton Beam Therapy Center in 2017

Medical research has taken a big leap forward in the treatment of cancer disease world over with Proton Beam Therapy already replacing conventional radiotherapy in some countries. Proton Beam Therapy uses advanced radiation therapy in the treatment of cancer patients.

Apollo Hospitals, market leader in the corporate health sector in India, is on its way to introduce in its hospitals the much needed Proton Beam Therapy for treating cancer patients. Once introduced, it will bring about a sea change in the sphere of cancer treatment in India.

Advantages of Proton Beam Therapy

Using high energy proton beams, Proton Beam therapy targets only the area affected by cancerous tumor through its concentrated radiation totally eliminating the possibility of adversely affecting healthy tissues lying in the surroundings of the tumor in human body.

This is not possible in the traditional radio therapy which also damages with its high energy X rays some or most of the healthy tissues in the vicinity of the tumor. The arrival of Proton Beam Therapy in cancer treatment has given hope to cancer sufferers across the world as it has following advantages, to mention a few.

  1. Low level of radiation is delivered to the upper layers of the body.
  2. High dose of radiation is transmitted to the target area
  3. Concentrated high radiation can be sent to any shape, depth and quantity of the tumor (Cancer affected area)
  4. Risk to the patients, as witnessed in conventional radio therapy, is fully avoided.

It is therefore no surprise that the Proton Beam Therapy is being gradually introduced in major hospitals in some countries for the benefit of cancer patients. The treatment of tumors such as paediatric cancers, skull and brain cancers and prostrate and lung cancers has already been transformed with the advent of Proton Beam Therapy.

As experience has shown, Proton Beam Therapy is destined to rule roost in the treatment of cancer in the coming days to provide a better life for cancer patients as it has widely overcome the limitations of conventional radio therapy.

Reports say that the Apollo Hospitals will inaugurate the country’s and South East Asia’s first Proton Beam Therapy Center in its Chennai Hospital by August 2017.