Srikanth kidnap case yet to be cracked

Delhi: It is ten days since Telangana doctor of Gadwala town Srikanth Goud was kidnapped by a Ola cab driver in Delhi. But the police are yet to trace out the whereabouts of the kidnapper, let alone take steps to save the victim.

A Ola cab driver kidnapped Dr Srkanth Goud at Preet Vihar railway station in the late hours on July 6. After that, the kidnapper called Ola management and demanded Rs. 5 Cr ransom for the safe release of the Telugu doctor.

Ever since that moment, Delhi police are running  after him but till date, they have miserably failed to trace him despite having latest communication facilities available with them.

Seeking the ransom, the kidnapper was daily calling the police and Ola management from a different location and with a different mobile number to keep his whereabouts secret. Soon after receiving a phone call from him, the police teams are running over there but he is simply disappearing from the place. 

Telugu IPS officer supervising operations

Telugu officer ACP Rahul, who is in charge of solving the kidnap case, told journalists that the kidnapper has been posing a challenge to the investigating police with his criminal mind. “He is taking care to ensure that  his mobile and GPS signals are not traced by the police. We are cautious to ensure he doesn’t harm the life of Dr Srikanth,” he said.

Surprisingly, in the initial days of the kidnap, 6 special police teams were formed to nab the kidnapper. However, as there was no breakthrough, nearly 90 per cent of the police force in East Delhi are now put on the job of nabbing the kidnapper. 

Srikanth’s parents spending anxious moments

Dr Srikanth’s parents are in sobs over the kidnap. Daily, they are in touch with the Delhi police to know the progress of the case. But, they are getting only one answer from the police;”Wait . He is very much safe. We will chase the case in the next two days,”this has become a routine answer from the police.