Stars to catapult Hillary to US Presidency

By J U B Sastry

First of 4-part article:

Hillary ClintonCandidatures of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were ratified by the Republican and Democratic parties respectively for the next US Presidential election slated for Nov 8, 2016.  Irrespective of their speeches playing key role in attracting voters to maintain an upper hand over the other in the election campaign, a comparative study of natal charts of Trump and Hillary shows that the lose-tongued man is clearly on the losing side of the Presidential election.

While the natal chart of Hillary Clinton is blessed with powerful Mahabhagya and Gajakesari Yogas coupled with fortification of the ascendant with the presence of two natural benefic planets Venus and Mercury, the natal chart of Donald Trump is handicapped by a strong seperative influence on his tenth house that bestows highest political office.

Except for Moon, all other planets of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are placed in Rahu Shadow in their respective natal charts making them skip Kalasarpa Yoga.1

Donald Trump’s Moon is in debilitation but that is cancelled resulting in a simple Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton’s natal Sun and Mars are causing powerful Neecha Bhanga Raja Yogas. The Neecha Bhanga of Sun is powerful for the simple reason that its debilitation gets cancelled in four ways. And the debilitation of Mars gets cancelled in three ways.  Really, this is very rare. Continued…

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