Trump ends DACA, kills Dreamers’ hopes

Hyderabad : US President Donald Trump on Tuesday signed orders that ends the Obama-introduced Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program (DACA),

The orders has sent shivers down the spines of lakhs of youngsters who came to US along with their parents in their childhood but do not have proper documents.

These children, called Dreamers, have no official and legal documents to stay in the US but all of them are now grown up and settled in jobs. With the fresh orders, their future now hangs in the air.

The fresh orders end the DACA orders issued by the then President Barak Obama on June 15, 2012 allowing the dreamers to extend their work permits every two years and stay in the country while working in their jobs. Now, the orders issued by Trump say that there would be no more renewals of their work permits. 

There are totally 8 lakh dreamers in the US  with 7000 Indian youth contributing to the total numbers. All these are likely to be adversely affected by the fresh orders

The fresh Trump orders make it clear that those whose work permits end by March 5, 2018 can apply for renewal on or before Oct 5, 2017. Afterwards, there won’t be any renewals.

Trump leaves it to the Congress

The fresh orders will not come into force immediately as Trump left it to the Congress to take a final decision on the issue. Trump said in a statement that his administration doesn’t want to punish children for the mistakes of their parents.

“They are all grown up now and I want the Congress to take a decision on the issue as soon as possible,”he said, adding that  the country is a nation of laws and laws must be obeyed by all.