Two purple swamp hens rescued

purple swampsWarangal forest officials leave rescued purple swamp hens in Vana Vignana Kendra Zoo

Warangal, Nov 3, 2016: Warangal Rural district forest officials rescued two rare purple swamp hens after the birds were found tied to a pole and struggling for life. Purple swamp hens are rare species of birds and their killing attracts punishment under the Wildlife Act 1972.

District forest officer K. Purshottam found the two birds tied to a poll at fish stall in Kazipet on a routine visit two days ago. Their beaks and legs were tied up along with their feathers to the pole.

He called his staff and a veterinary doctor immediately and rescued them. The two birds were rescued and given first aid by the doctor. Later, the birds were safely released in Vana Vignana Kendra Zoo.

The officer said purple swamp hens visit water-abundant ponds and lakes on fish-hunting mission. They do eat only fish which is their main food. “They frequent water bodies filled with water so that they can swim easily to find their fish,” he said, adding his department will conduct special awareness programs on the necessity to protect these species of birds.

Purushottam asked the fishermen not to trap the birds during their fishing outings.

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