Two Telugu Medicos drown in Ukranian sea waters

Hyderabad: Here is some tragic news. Two Telugu youngsters died in a drowning incident in Ukraine. The incident happened on Tuesday.

Reports said that Shiv Kanth Reddy of Hayat Ngar and Ashok  Kumar of BN Reddy Nagar drowned in sea waters. Surprisingly, they didn’t go for a bath in the sea. Ashok Kumar originally hailed from Kadapa town in AP.

Both Shiv Kanth Reddy and Ahsok were doing their MBBS final year in an Ukrainian University Medical College. They went to a beach and played volley ball game for fun in the beach.  There were other friends too. They fully enjoyed the game but unfortunately,  the ball went into the sea waters while they were playing.

One of their friends Mukesh went into the sea to collect the ball. But he was dragged into deep waters by a wave. Then both Shiv Kanth Reddy and Ashok Kumar dared to save him. They saved Mukesh but tragically both of them were dragged away deep into the waters by a sudden wave. They didn’t know about the undercurrents of the sea waves there. Their bodies were recovered, according to reports.

This is based on first reports. The story may undergo updates. Keep visiting.