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Ex CI prevents unauthorized Christian preaching

Ex-CI prevents Christian preaching in Hindu area

Ratnachal express on fire at Tuni

The agitating Kapus set on fire the parked Ratnachal express at Tuni during the Rail Roko agitation. The agitators first attacked the train with stones and then set the train afire resulting in the total damage to it. The passengers ran away from the scene fearing for their lives.

See Chittoor district’s transformation

See how Chittoor district is bring transformed

Watch the vehicles on fire at Tuni

Kapus, agitating for reservations at Tuni, attacked a police station and set on fire several vehicles nearby. The town looked like a war zone between the Police and the agitating Kapus. This video shows several vehicles on fire lying beside the Tuni rural police station.

Patient denied stretcher, dragged by hand

Guntakal, Nov 18, 2016: In a heart rending scene, a hapless woman literally dragged her sick husband to the first floor of local government Hospital here on Thursday after the staff said no stretchers and wheelchairs were available. Paralytic 49- year old Srinivasa Chari, who worked as security guard in the past, was brought to …Read more »