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Discussion over radicalism in the world

Watch police brutality at New York railway station during immigration check

Lord Hanuman breaks coconuts himself

Coconut breaking by devotees is a common sight in temples in almost all states across India as an offering to God. However, the coconut breaking adversely affects cleanliness in temples and lot of labour is put in to clean the temple at the end of the day. To curb this and maintain the cleanliness, a …Read more »

Twinkle twinkle little star in different tunes

Watch and listen to an artiste singing and acting to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in different styles.  Her timing and action is excellent that you can’t but appreciate her while enjoying the sequences in your elements. What an amazing artiste she is ….Be ready to laugh to the core. Watch more hilarious videos: Liquor addict seeks …Read more »

Man, fully drunk, curses police

B Tech girl attacks traffic constable at Keesara

A B Tech girl attacked a traffic constable at Keesara in Ranga Reddy district on Tuesday for photographing her after she drove in a wrong route on her two-wheeler. The girl ,  a final year student of B Tech at Layola College, was arrested by the Police after the traffic constable lodged a complaint against her. Along …Read more »