Wife injects hubby to death in temple premises

Wife planned the silent murder in cahoots with her lover

Devarapalli (WG District) : A 25-year old nurse, instigated by her illicit relationship, injected her 30-year old husband to death after he had objected to her actions  She injected him with high power Ketamine dose. What more, she did this killing in a temple premises.

Jayalakshmi of Draksharamam in Ramachandrapuram Mandalam of East Godavari district married Chegondi Bheema Sanakaram of the same village in May last. Jayalakshmi is a nurse by profession. She is working  as nurse in Madhavnanda Hospital at Draksharamam.

Jayaakshmi developed illicit relationship with her colleague Eeluri Veeresh at the hospital and continued it even after marriage. Once or twice, Bheemasankaram warned her against continuing her relationship. 

Enraged at this, she plotted to kill him in cahoots with her lover Veeresh. She told him that she had stopped her relationship with Veeresh and suggested they visit the Nirmalagiri  temple at Gowripatnam in Devarapally Mandalam of WG district to offer prayers as a penance for her mistakes. He believed her and they went together to the temple on Aug 29.

After Bheemasankaram offered prayers, Jayalakshmi told him he was looking very dull and offered to give him injection. After he agreed to take the injection, she administered him a high dose of Ketamine drug through injection in the temple premises itself. He died within 90 seconds after being injected. She then simply left the place. 

Locals reported the presence of a dead body to the police. The investigation was carried out based on the CCTV footage available at the Nrimalagiri temple. The culprits were arrested and jailed on Wednesday.

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