Woman raped second time, killed by same person

Kataram (Jayasankar district): A 24-year old woman was disrobed , beaten, subjected to sexual assault and killed by a person. The same man raped her one year ago. 

The victim was identified as Sugunakumari of Gantagudem of Kataram Mandal in Jayasankar Bhupalapally district of Telangana. The killer is Gali Saraiah of Dubbagudem in the same Mandal. The rascal has been absconding.

The story goes back to a raping incident that took place one year ago. Suguna was raped by Saraiah last year and the victim has filed a case against him. Saraiah was arrested and jailed but he came out on bail recently.

He met Suguna and succeeded in convincing her that they should live together by solving their differences. Reports said that they started living together for the past few days. Villagers said he has been trying for a compromise and out of court settlement with her for the last two weeks.

Saraiah came to Kataram along with Suguna on his two-wheeler Thursday night when the entire village was busy celebrating Saddula Bathukamma festivities. On their return journey, they went into a Mulberry garden and clashed with her. He disrobed her, sexually assaulted her again and then killed her. He threw her body into a pit dug up for some pipelines. He then filled the pit with fresh mud brought in a tractor.

The killer is on the run and police are on the look out for him.